Slime Slider

Independent Game, Unity

Roles: Designer

Slime Slider is a small puzzle game where you guide a slime to the treasure chest. The creator, Matt Hoffman of Luxel Operations, asked me to create a few levels for this game. The basic theory I used for these levels was to provide the appearance of multiple routes, but only one would work. Thinking through the path or trial and error would be needed to find the right solution. One of the games early on that I played as a kid was Logical Journey of Zoombini’s by Brøderbund Software. I referenced this game while creating the levels. In Logical Journey, there was a puzzle called ‘Bubble Wonder Abyss,’ a cave where Zoombini’s would have to hop into bubbles and float in a single direction, until they hit a trigger which changed their path. These triggers had various filters on them, some of which changed throughout the puzzle. There were many pitfalls, paths that looked to be correct, but in the end only led your Zoombini back to the start. It required systematic pathing and solving from the player to guide their Zoombini to the end. I applied to this idea to my Slime Slider Contributions.

You can download Slime Slider from the Google Play Market.

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