Black Mesa, Source Engine

Roles: Gameplay Refinement, Environmental Artist

Lambdabunker is a multiplayer map for standalone Steam launch of Black Mesa. The goal of this map was to recreate and modernize the gameplay and look of the map. Based on the original Lambabunker, we decided to add additional environmental story telling, and change the setting to during the bombing runs of the facility. This opened up some opportunities to add some gameplay based around the debris in the facility. The original had some flat and clustered gameplay elements to it, so many areas of the map were widened, and verticality was introduced. These changes were also made to help the weapons stood out a bit more, and were generally more balanced on the map. Verticality played well with the Tau Cannon and Snarks, while widening the corridors made shotguns and the rocket launcher less over powered on the map. My main roles was gameplay refinement and environmental art and lighting.

This map was shipped with Black Mesa in May of 2015. Black Mesa is available on Steam.

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