Fruit for the Village





Fruit for the Village is a VR narrative “clicker” game. Originally born from a game-jam, this game is Eerie Bear Games first take on a narrative game. The player plays an unknown person who volunteered to help the village grow fruit in a cave. Due to your typical apocalyptic factors, climate change, war, etc, this cave is the only way grow the fruit. This is what we feel a VR “clicker” game could look like. Using xylophone mallets, the player can hit pots of fruit to grow them. This is our click. Once fully grown, the plant harvests itself, adds credits to the players bank, and replants itself. There are larger plots, and auto-“clickers” available for the player to purchase.

This isn’t all though! As this not a typical clicker game. There is an ever depleting food supply in the village which the player needs to replenish by purchasing fruit shipments back to the village. As with typical clicker games, the price of everything continues to grow exponentially. There are two modes for this game – a story mode, where the player learns about the village, what events took place to put it in the position it is in, and discover who the player is: which leads to a narrative choice the player must make. One of the choices will open up the a new game+ type mode, and a second ending. The second mode is an endless mode, where the player sees how long they can support the village.

The game is available for purchase on Steam.

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